Pedal boards

Over 25 years of experience in the electronics industry, only using quality components and perfection in every detail.

When I make custom pedal boards, I always bear in mind that the signal cables and power leads can easily be accessed in case of a sudden failure or pedal change.
Other pedal board manufacturers tend to cover-up all the cables, which is looking nice but can be very frustrating when on stage during a failure.

I have several options for the pedal boards I can make.
A Pedaltrain board, with the power supply, signal cables and power leads nicely routed underneath the board.
Or a pedal board, build in one of the lids of a flight case.
For this option I make custom pedal lifters where the power supply can fit under and the pedals fit on top.
I also make custom in and output buffers, which I highly recommend to keep the guitar signal transparent till the end of the effect chain.
These buffers are custom designed and have the same input characteristics of a good tube amp.
Of course you can also bring in your own pedal board, I then use this to make your new custom pedal board.
If you have special wishes, contact me and I will give you free advice with no obligations.